Bids and Proposals

General Conditions and Instructions to Bidders

Delinquent Tax Affidavit - Applies to all Bids and Proposals

1) General Town Bids and Proposals:

DeMayo Complex Tennis Courts Refurbishment, Project No. 19-07

Ridge Road Elementary School Playground Improvements, Project No. 18-32

Addendum 1 - Modifications to Specifications and/or Plans, Project No. 18-32
Addendum 1 - Part 2 Ridge Road Details, Project No. 18-32

Grinding and disposal of storm debris, Project No.19-6

One (1), year 2019 Ford Transit Cargo Van,  Project No.19-4

Police Firearms, Project No. 19-3

Two (2), year 2019 Ford Interceptor SUV 3.5L EcoBoost, Project No. 19-2

Fire and Security alarm systems maintenance and monitoring services, Project No. 19-1

HP Hardware for the Town’s Department of Information Technology, Project # 18-34

Request for Professional Engineering Services for the Oversight, Documentation and Closure of USTs and Replacement with ASTs


Removal of Underground Storage Tanks and Replacement with Above ground Storage Tanks in Vaults, Project No. 18-25

Stormwater WPCF Site Plan 2017, Project No. 18-25

Request for Professional Engineering Services Oversight and Documentation of UST Abandonment at Montowese Elementary School

Montowese Elementary School Underground Storage Tank Closure, Project No. 18-26

Attachment ESS Analytical Report, Project No. 18-26
Attachment Boring Logs 5/19/2018, Project No. 18-26

Road Reconstruction Unviersal Drive North - Project No. 18-14  - Addendum