VNA Services, Inc

VNA Community Healthcare – Beside You At Every Turn

When life takes an unexpected turn for a North Haven resident, VNA Community Healthcare (VNACHC)

provides support with healthcare, programs and services that help meet the challenge. Visiting nurses, physical

therapists and home health aides help make possible shorter hospital stays and quicker recoveries at home.

VNA Community Healthcare is a notfor-profit, state licensed, and Medicare and Medicaid certified home healthcare

agency. Our dedicated agency has been caring for neighbors for more than 100 years. Funding from the Town

of North Haven and private donations are used to assist patients with acute or chronic illness for care not reimbursed

under Medicare, for those who do not qualify for Medicaid and for services not fully covered by insurance plans.

VNA Community Healthcare has an insurance verification department to ensure that all possible payers are

utilized prior to accessing town dollars.

Adult Health Guidance Clinics - Blood pressure checks are offered free of charge to residents of North Haven.
Nurses from VNA Community Healthcare take blood pressures and answer general health questions. Clinics are held in the following locations:
     • North Haven Town Hall

     • North Haven Recreation Center

     • Steven’s Woods

     • Wood’s Edge/Oakview Senior Housing

Each autumn, VNACHA conducts influenza and pneumonia vaccine clinics. When available, health insurance covers
the cost of this service. Otherwise, Town funds pay for flu and pneumonia shots for the underinsured or uninsured residents.

Educational Presentations

• VNA Community Healthcare offers a range of educational programs throughout the year at various locations such as
   the Senior Center. Current offerings can be found under the “Programs and Events Calendar” tab at

• Our web site has useful information on health and prevention, listings of times and locations of clinics

   and presentations and resources to support family caregivers. The web address is

• We provide services as “Health Consultants” to the town’s Moppet Minders Nursery School and Community Services
   Day Care Center.

Support for Family Caregivers of older adults

The stress and disruption of caring for an ill or elderly loved one can be overwhelming. VNACHC’s unique

Caregiver Support Network provides reliable advice from trained staff and the moral support of other family

caregivers and volunteers (who are former caregivers themselves). The shared wisdom is like fresh air!

VNACHC’s Caregiver Resource Center offers free “one-stop” support for seniors and family caregivers who

have the opportunity for a one-on-one meeting to discuss caregiving issues. Printed materials on government

financial support, local agencies and coping with the challenges of aging and caregiving are available. More

information is available under the “Healthcare News & Resources” tab on the VNACHC website.

The Eldercare Resource Center in North Haven is located at 2 Broadway (in the plaza with Bellini’s). Friendly,
knowledgeable staff people are on hand Monday through Friday. To make an appointment, call 203.985.0245.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide home and community health services for the residents of

North Haven and we welcome your questions or concerns by calling us at 203.985.0245.

VNA Community Healthcare Activity Report Summary

Well Right Now Nurse Coaching Clinics

   Joyce Budrow Senior Center – twice monthly
   Nurse coaching to help individuals self manage their chronic conditions and stay out of the hospital. Nurses
   will monitor vital signs, provide resource information, and assist with goal setting.

Monthly Blood Pressure Clinics

   North Haven Town Hall

   North Haven Recreation Center

   Steven’s Woods – No charge to town

   Wood’s Edge / Oakview Senior Housing – No charge to town


Caregiver Support Groups:

   Joyce Budrow Senior Center – program has been cancelled

   VNA Community Healthcare – meets monthly – No charge to town

   Caring for an aging or ill relative or friend can be overwhelming. These free to the public support groups

   help provide individuals with the opportunity to discuss experiences, concerns, and get helpful information

   and support. Each group session is led by a trained eldercare expert.

Multi Session Programs:

Stronger Seniors Now
– Multiple sessions

   2 sessions at Steven’s Woods - no charge to town – site participating in grant program

   An interactive education and fitness program, led by a nurse or physical therapist that focuses on heart health

   fall prevention, and a variety of health related topics. Ideal for all exercise levels.

Tai Chi to Prevent Falls

   This is a gentle exercise that is designed to increase balance and stability, helping people stay on their

   feet. This class meets twice a week for 12 weeks. – No charge to town / grant funded.

Memory Matters I
Multiple sessions

   This innovative 7-week course focuses on how to enhance brain function and memory. The program includes fun

   brain activities and lessons on how the brain works.

Memory Matters II:
Taking it to the Next Level – One session/new program

   For those who have already taken our  Memory Matters course, this 7-week session includes new brain exercises

   and stimulating activities.

– Multiple sessions

   Increase muscle strength, improve flexibility and balance to prevent falls. Exercises are done in a chair and are

   appropriate for all levels. Classes are often held twice a week for 12 weeks.

   Program Teaching:

Senior Immunizations (9/19/12)

   Offers vital information on the year’s flu, pneumonia, and shingles vaccine.

Food Safety:
  To Toss or Not to Toss

   Provides information on safe storage, preparation surfaces, and kitchen safety; especially during periods of

   prolonged loss of electricity.

Don’t Forget:
  Memory Matters

   This one time talk introduces the importance of exercising your brain and how to maintain and improve

   brain function.

Fall Free Living

   No charge to town

   Fall prevention education, how to get up from a fall, individual balance assessments and orthostatic blood

   pressure evaluations.

Are You Sleeping

   Trouble sleeping? Learn how to get a goods night’s sleep, what may be causing your sleeping difficulties, and

   when you should talk to your doctor about sleeplessness.

Healthy Organization

   Gives tips and tools to keep medical and health records organized.

Living a Heart Healthy Lifestyle

   No charge to town: Our Heart Healthy program is designed to help families get heart healthy. This program
   encourages Heart Healthy behavior, provides education, and includes cardiac screenings. It is supported by
   the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation.

Flu Shots
– 15 residents received flu shots with the support of town funding.

Moppet Minders Child Care Facility

   North Haven Community Day Care Center

   VNA Community Healthcare provides a Registered Nurse health consultant who is available to the operator and

   staff for advice regarding the health of the children, the health program, and the review of health records.

Clinical Patient Services include:

   Skilled Nursing Visits

   Link to Life Emergency Response Unit

   Homemaker / Companion Services

   Transitional Care Services