North Haven Substance Abuse Action Council (SAAC)

Mission:  North Haven’s Substance Abuse Action Council’s (“SAAC”) mission is to lead the community in the development of a strategic approach focused on awareness, education and communication thereby reducing the incidence and prevalence of substance abuse and related problems in our town.
Overview:  The North Haven Substance Abuse Action Council (SAAC) has been in existence since 2001 and takes a lead role in addressing youth substance abuse. The council has strong involvement from community leaders and draws members from various key community sectors.  SAAC members demonstrate a tremendous commitment to eradicating substance abuse in our community using a combination of their expertise and resources.
Over its tenure, the SAAC has evolved as an organization, creating the formal structure, including leadership roles and committee members that exist today. The SAAC is currently lead by the Town of North Haven's First Selectman, Michael J. Freda, who serves as the Executive Director. As the Executive Director, Mr. Freda’s responsibilities include guiding the council, overseeing special projects, coalition building, community representation, and strategic planning. The Director, Nancy Leddy, who also serves as the Town of North Haven's Youth Services Administrator, has been with the SAAC since its inception. The Director's responsibilities include preparing the agenda, facilitating meetings, dissemination of information, and coordinating projects.
In synergy with the North Haven SAAC, the Department of Community Services and Recreation and the Board of Education have sponsored a myriad of activities such as Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD) Sticker Shock, the Red Ribbon Campaign, youth leadership conferences, parenting classes, prescription take backs, various presentations and speakers in the schools and Project Graduation. The SAAC remains committed to providing information to parents and community members with an emphasis on education and awareness. They regularly hold forums on substance abuse open to the entire community. Through parent education workshops, student presentations, and substance abuse curriculum, the SAAC continues to stay focused on their mission.