How many probate courts are there in Connecticut?
View Directory of Connecticut Probate Courts.

What are the court fees for a case in the probate court?
The fee depends on the type of case. For decedent’s estates there is a fee calculated by a formula established by state law. For most other applications there is a flat filing fee. View detailed information about probate court fees.

Do I need an attorney to help me with my probate case?
Not necessarily, but every case is different and there are various factors to consider in making the decision whether to hire an attorney. View a discussion of this question.

Does the probate court handle living wills and health care instructions?
The court becomes involved in such cases only if there is some uncertainty or dispute over the meaning or impact of a living will or other health care document. Usually, the careful planning and execution of such documents eliminates the kind of conflict or vagueness that might require court involvement.  View the Attorney General’s information about the various kinds of health care documents available under Connecticut law.