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Following the North Haven Board of Selectmen's decision in early 2007 to purchase 20% of its electricity for public facilities from clean renewable energy sources by 2010, the Clean Energy Task Force was created. The town received a $5,000 grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund for becoming a Clean Energy Community.

The objectives of the Clean Energy Task Force are:
  • Educate and encourage Town Residents and Businesses to invest in Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency projects in order to save money and to help the Town to earn credits for Bright Ideas Grants from UI and other grants and benefits State.
  • Help the Town of North Haven to create a Municipal Energy Plan (this has been done - we have an energy plan) and to advise the town leadership on efficiency projects and policy.
  • To solicit grant proposals and select, oversee, and report on grant projects by community groups.
  • To encourage efficient energy use by town officials, households, and businesses.
  • Increase Task Force Membership and Participation.

Major Accomplishments:

  • Clean Energy Option sign-up campaign leading to free solar array for high school Multi-year partnership with Project Green high school student organization
  • Sponsorship of 4 community forums on climate change, energy efficiency, solar power and state resources
  • Highly successful Home Energy Solutions energy audit promotion campaign in conjunction with Town government and vendors.  Presented $13,025 check to S.A.R.A.H.

The Task Force meets the second Monday of each month at the North Haven Recreation Center on Linsley Street at 7:00pm. Visitors are welcome and the task force is looking for additional members.

The North Haven Clean Energy Task Force and the Town of North Haven have launched the North Haven Energy Efficiency Challenge!  Save Money, Help the Environment, Help the Town, and Help SARAH, INC.  Click Here to find out more: (pdf of the HES flyer)

Want to help? The Clean Energy Task Force is looking for more members -
Call Hugh Davis at 203-248-6685  or Kenny Foscue at 203-230-2488

For more information contact:

Hugh Davis

The members of the North Haven Clean Energy Task Force are:
Hugh Davis
Sarah Baird 
Kenny Foscue
Caroline Dumont
Dr. David Cooper

The sub-committees of the North Haven Clean Energy Task Force are:
Publicity and Education
Liaison to Government

2nd Monday each month, 7:00 p.m.
North Haven Recreation Center
8 Linsley Street

North Haven Energy Information:
Click Here for North Haven Energy Information


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