• North Haven Memorial Town Hall

Selectman's Office


The First Selectman's office is your connection to the outstanding services and programs  that are offered in the North Haven community. Under the direction of First Selectman, Michael J. Freda, the staff is eager to assist you with your questions, advice and concerns. This office is also the center of North Haven's very successful economic development efforts. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT WEBSITE

With the input of residents, business people, department heads and others, the First Selectman's office works to establish a vision for future growth and solid plans to realize it----all to improve and enhance the quality of life in this community.

Recently, North Haven was recognized as a "TOP 100 PLACE TO LIVE IN THE U.S." by a national publication. Each and every resident and business person should share in the honor, as all contribute to the great success of this community. The doors of Town Hall are always open to you!

 Selectman's Office Staff:

Michael J. Freda, First Selectman   203-239-5321 ext. 680 firstselectman@northhaven-ct.gov 
Valerie Goodkin, Executive Assistant  203-239-5321 ext. 682 goodkin.valerie@northhaven-ct.gov
Tammy Ciaburri, Administrative Assistant  203-239-5321 ext. 683 ciaburri.tammy@northhaven-ct.gov